We perform type tests to evaluate the designs and routine tests to assure that each unit works according to specifications. Tests include the following:


Tests are based on standard IEC 62109-2-2011. They include the following:

  • Voltage, frequency and wave form of output at different load levels.
  • Total harmonic distortion measurement.
  • Efficiency under different load conditions.
  • No load consumption measurement.
  • Shut off voltage.

To check nominal and peak capacity we use resistive and inductive loads.


Charge controllers:

Following are the main tests we perform on controllers:

  • Efficiency measurement.
  • MPPT test.
  • Battery charge voltage. The voltage at which the controller stops charging the batteries is verified.
  • Shutoff voltage. The voltage at which the controller stops feeding the loads to protect the battery from a deep dischargee is verified.
  • Specific application tests, such as with luminaries.
Inti Lithium Generation Kit

Multifunction units:

Aside from standard tests also applied to inverters and controllers, transfer functions and battery charge from a DC supply is tested.


Whole systems:

Protections and performance of the whole systems is tested. Wiring is verified using thermography.