The Cedro MPPT controller is a modular designed product with an integrated power unit and different interface modules with the purpose of achieving a great variety of functional requirements. The optimization of the control MPPT algorithm of the Cedro assures a minimum loss power rate and rapidly tracks the maximum power point of the system in order to atain the maximum energy our of a solar array under any environment.
The Cedro controller adopts a 3 stage charging mode adapted to lithium, lead acid or user defined batteries and has an electronic protection function that extends the lifetime of the battery enhacing the overall performance of the system.
The Cedro controller has RS485 communication through which it belongs to the Inti Lithium Generation Kit with the Pino battery and Teca Lithium inverter. It also counts with optional WIFI communication through an external module that displays solar system charging and discharging parameters.
  • MPPT ultrarrapid speed with high efficiency ≥ 99,5%
  • Precise tracking and MPPT recognition
  • 98% peak conversion efficiency.
  • 98% peak conversion efficiency.
  • Power and current auto charging limit
  • Integrated RS485 and optional WIFI communication.
  • Automatically reduces the power function when charging in high temperatures.
  • LCD high definition screen.
  • Protections: input and output over voltage, low and high battery voltage, reverse polarity, high and low temperature, shortcircuit, PV over current.