The Cedro MPPT controller is a modular designed product with an integrated power unit and different interface modules with the purpose of achieving a great variety of functional requirements. The optimization of the control MPPT algorithm of the Cedro assures a minimum loss power rate and rapidly tracks the maximum power point of the system in order to atain the maximum energy our of a solar array under any environment.
The Cedro controller adopts a 3 stage charging mode adapted to lithium batteries and has an electronic protection function that extends the lifetime of the battery enhacing the overall performance of the system.
ICC-4024150: MPPT 40A 150Voc controller
  • MPPT ultrarrapid speed with high efficiency ≥ 99,5%
  • Peak conversion eficiency up to 98%
  • 12V/24V auto working mode.
  • PV Input: 50Voc maximum.
  • RS485 and CANbus communication for syncrhonization with lithium batteries.