The Pino battery is a lithium LiFePO4 battery with varying nominal capacities @ 25,6Vdc and 51,2Vdc and a lifetime ≥3600 cycles @ 80% DOD. The battery is perfectly compatible with Teca Lithium inverter and the Inti Cedro controller. It counts with intelligent integrated BMS and CAN communication that extends the lifetime of the battery and assures its correct charge and discharge along with the Cedro controller and Teca Lithium inverter.
The Pino battery can be connected in parallel to achieve a higher system overall capacity up to a maximum connection of 10 batteries in parallel by CAN card integrated to the system. The programming of the cards through the RS485 port of the batteries allows to set the system in master and slaves seeking to optimize the systems with more than one battery block.
ILFP-2560, ILFP-3072, ILFP-3840: Pino batteries 100Ah, 120Ah and 150Ah @ 25,6V incorporates with the Teca Lithium inverter and the Cedro controller.