The Teca Litio inverter is a pure sine wave inverter charger that combines a transfer switch between inverter, battery and AC charger. The inverter can operate with utility priority or with solar priority depending on the needs of the installation site.
The use of lithium batteries require that the charging mode of the equipement changes and adjusts, being different than the traditional 3 steps method. This inverter is designed with an internal charging software that provides users more charging options and incroporates the correct mode for systems with lithium batteries.
IIP-241000BFL, IIP-242000BFL, IIP-483000BFL, IIP-484000BFL: Inverter charger pure sine wave low frequency with CAN communication for synchronization with lithium battery: 1kva 24V to 5kva 48V
  • Compatible with lithium  batteries through CANbus communication.
  • The Teca Lithium inverters have pure copper UI transformers incorporated which makes them robust low frequency devices able to withstand resistive loads such as motors, fridges or pumps.
  • The Teca Lithium inverter has an inteligent battery charger to optimize the performance of the battery.
  • The inverter counts with a save power charging mode that adds up to preserve the capacity of the battery in long periods of no operation.