Inti offers Álamo and Roble series. Both are rugged units which include MPPT charge controllers, AC charger and pure sine wave inverter.
Roble multifunction inverter can be synchronized to create a 3 or 2 phase system. They can also be connected in parallel to increase power output of one phase.
Álamo multifuncion inverters allow a high input MPPT current to the batteries, being 60A for the IM-48602000.
Roble 48V 2KVA Multifunction Inverter
Roble 48V 3KVA Multifunction Inverter
Álamo 24V 1KVA 40A Multifunction Inverter
Álamo 48V 2KVA 60A Multifunction Inverter
  • It can receive energy from a Diesel generator or from the public grid.
  • A 3 or 2 phase system can be created using 3 or 2 units in a system.
  • It is possible to increase the power of a system connecting several units in parallel.
  • It can withstand peak loads of up to 3 times of its nominal capacity.
  • 4.3” TFT full color display.
  • It enters a standby mode when load is below 100W, to avoid te waste of energy.
  • Shows State Of Charge of the batteries.
  • Shows the current flow of the system.
  • Shows the configuration of the system.